EXCLUSIVE: Clementine Lea opens up about Hype House and her anti-bullying activism

How did you get invited to the Hype House?

A Tiktoker friend invited me to meet her there and said her mom had permission. She said the hype house members had moved out over two weeks ago and we could go shoot cool social content. So, I didn’t really question it and went because it sounded exciting.

Walk us thru exactly what happened when you got to the house?

The main gate was opened, we walked up the alley and saw my friend & her mom. The house was opened. Everything was in complete disarray and it looked abandoned, so I assume they left it that way. I was told we could look around and do Tiktoks so we did that and left.

Have you talked to Hype House management?

No, not directly but my friend and her mom did, and they apologized the next day. Their management said they accepted the apology and that nothing else was going to happen.

Is there anything you would like to say to the members of the Hype House?

I want to tell the Hype House members that I am sorry for invading their privacy and for making them feel uncomfortable. It was never my intention and I would’ve never gone inside the house if I knew that I wasn’t allowed, but I was told it was fine and it was poor judgement. I also want to clarify that none of us stole or broke anything, and we certainly never killed Kouvr’s fish and didn’t trash the house. But once again, I am sorry for unknowingly invading their private property.

You recently just left a social media squad, what was your reason for leaving?

From afar, joining looked like so much fun. But my mom did not really like the content which is soap opera/reality tv like, and we both felt pressured to do things that we didn’t want to do. There were tensions between some of the moms which made things complicated too. Also, they kept trying to put me into love triangles for drama and that made me feel uncomfortable.

Can you tell us what is your favorite project you have worked on up till this point?

I enjoyed most projects I worked on so far but I’d say my favorite was shooting the short film called “just be” because I loved the experience from beginning to end, I loved the cast and crew, I loved playing the part of a young girl who gets kidnapped by human traffickers yet escapes in an interesting twist. This was a meaningful project that raised awareness about a serious current issue.

Do you have any charities that you are working with or any causes that you feel passionate about?

It’s been on my mind, and my mom’s too, for quite a while but after experiencing cyberbullying recently, I want to advocate for young teens mental health and help them know better how to fight cyberbullies and fight the support they need to not deal with it all alone. I’ve realized that not enough is currently being done to protect teens from hate on social. It can be so toxic and destructive; I want to use my platforms to help however I can.

We love your YouTube channel. Any exciting videos or collabs that you’re working on?

Thank you! I recently collaborated with influencer Raegan Beast and also plan to do more fun challenges. I’m open to all types of collabs in the future.

Is there any advice you would give to someone who wants to become a social media star?

Be authentic. Find your voice! Some people put way too much effort into copying someone else’s style that they forget their own. It’s exhausting trying to pretend to be something you’re not.  Be social! Actively engage with your audience, build relationships, try adding value to the lives of others, and HAVE FUN!! Being in the public eye has positives but also negatives, people can love you one day, and hate you the next, so you need to ready for that, always be strong and not take things personally. Always be careful about what you say, and how you say it to not offend people. It’s def not all rainbows and butterflies, it takes time, work and can be a lot of pressure too! My mom does a lot of the community management answering to dms, comments, creating posts and captions etc. and it’s truly a full-time job!

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