Interview with Neela Jolene

Photo Credit: JD Dominguez

How have your roles in previous projects (like Astrall Story, Dhar Mann, and Take It Easy) helped prepare you for your role as Grace in Brat TV’s new hit, “Juniors”?

Every job I get has been a stepping-stone of experiences that build my acting skills and my confidence. We all know practice makes perfect and so I feel my acting skills get better every day. I have an acting coach and all the auditions I go for keep me practicing quite often. If I didn’t love what I do than I’d be miserable practicing, but I really love acting more than I can put into words. So hopefully I will keep getting better and better.

How is your character similar/different from you personally?

I am similar to Grace in that I too am a teenager. I can relate to the drama in our lives with friends and family. I can relate to the everyday stress of trying to juggle life’s ups and downs. One big difference we have is that Grace has to cope with losing her parents, which fortunately I do not. The challenge I have with being Grace, is how hard it is to imagine going through life without my parents around to give me the strong sense of security I need. I feel sad that Grace has to face the level of fear and insecurity that
she has from such a traumatic experience.

What’s your favorite thing about your character, Grace?

Grace has a heavy cross to bear, but Grace is tough and independent like me which is what I love about her. Grace is sweet and innocent, but don’t underestimate her. She is willing to make bold moves if she believes it is the right thing to do. However, some of her decisions aren’t always the best because her insecurities get in the way. For example, when she feels lonely and not able to trust others. But I love that Grace is powerful and can
overcome her struggles.

What’s a day on set like?

It’s super fun to me. I love hanging out with the other cast members and all the production crew people. I love that we all are working towards creating something that none of us could do alone. We need each other and everyone at BratTV does their part well to create the best film we can.

Photo Credit: JD Dominguez

How would you describe this series in three words?

Emotional, Crazy, and Fun

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