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  • Fast Facts: Zoe Nazarian

    Fast Facts: Zoe Nazarian

    Zoe Nazarian was born and raised in Southern California, Zoe had a passion for performing at a young age. Her career started with acting, but at just 13 years old she dove into the world of social media, creating her own YouTube videos. Taking on the “big sister” role in her videos Zoe is known… Read more

  • Fast Facts: Lucas Royalty

    Fast Facts: Lucas Royalty
    Credit: Nat Warr photography

    Birthplace:  Tarzana, California  Hobbies: Surfing, skiing, skateboarding, video games, legos, art, and golf. What was your first job that you worked on? A music video by Spoon the Band , Called “Do You”  If you were to have your own movie about your life, who would play you? I think Thomas Parobek. He’s an up and coming… Read more

  • Fast Facts: Hunter Payton Mendoza

    Fast Facts: Hunter Payton Mendoza

    About Hunter: Hunter Payton Mendoza is an Actor from Los Angeles, CA. His acting credits include Raven’s Home, L.A.’s Finest, Criminal Minds and more! Hunter also plays the role of Ryder in the upcoming feature film “A Genie’s Tale”. Birthplace:  West Hills, California First ever job:  My first acting job was in 2011 when I… Read more

  • Fast Facts: Tori Caro

    Fast Facts: Tori Caro

    Birthplace: San Diego, CA First Ever Job: Gamer’s Guide on Disney Channel Hobbies: Eating, Writing, Singing, Playing instruments, Golf Favorite Vacation Spot: Maui, HI If you had a boat, what would you name it? Lil Miss If you were to have your own movie about your life, who would play you? Momona Tamada would play… Read more

  • Fast Facts: Patti Negri from Ghost Adventures

    Fast Facts: Patti Negri from Ghost Adventures

    Birthplace: Long Beach, California Place of Study: Junior colleges and esoteric mystery schools throughout the Southland First ever job: Makeup artist for teen makeup line at Bullocks Department Store (age 13) Hobbies:  Wiener Wrangling (dachshund racing). Collecting Barbie dolls and Haunted items Favorite Vacation Spot: Greek Islands – or New York depending on the season. If you… Read more