• Interview with Aly Rozdilsky of Gymnastic Nomads

    Interview with Aly Rozdilsky of Gymnastic Nomads
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    Aly Rozdilsky is an award-winning competitive gymnast. She is a part of the Instagram sister duo Gymnastic Nomads and dances with the ABBY LEE DANCE COMPANY (ALDC). She was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and has lived in Vietnam, Thailand, England, Nepal, Eritrea, Algeria, and now Mongolia. She is a highly decorated competitive dancer, rhythmic gymnast,… Read more

  • 1on1: Jacob Rassi

    1on1: Jacob Rassi

    Favorites: Movie: City of Angels TV Show: Friends Book: Hatchet Song: Too many to choose from!!! I love all music Artist: Justin Timberlake, Travis Scott, and Tyler the Creator How was the audition process for Disney’s Fam jam? The audition process for Fam Jam was long (6 months) but so much fun! We learned so… Read more