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  • Erin Reese discusses new song “Church”

    Erin Reese discusses new song “Church”

    Erin Reese is a Singer/Songwriter and Actress from Florida. Reese is most known for her role as Bess in hit Brat TV series “Chicken Girls”. had a chance to interview Erin Reese. Read on to find out the inspiration behind her new single and how she got cast on “Chicken Girls”. Photo Credit: Jackson… Read more

  • 1on1: Greg Marks

    1on1: Greg Marks

    Fast Facts: 1. Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA 2. Favorite Song: Adorn by Miguel 3. Favorite Artist: Chris Brown 4. Favorite Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody 5: Favorite Restaurant In-N-Out How did you get started in the music business?  I started playing guitar and singing at seven year old, started acting around eight, and learned my true passion is for music. What’s the… Read more