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  • Interview with Aly Rozdilsky of Gymnastic Nomads

    Interview with Aly Rozdilsky of Gymnastic Nomads
    Copyright Thomas D. Photography

    Aly Rozdilsky is an award-winning competitive gymnast. She is a part of the Instagram sister duo Gymnastic Nomads and dances with the ABBY LEE DANCE COMPANY (ALDC). She was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and has lived in Vietnam, Thailand, England, Nepal, Eritrea, Algeria, and now Mongolia. She is a highly decorated competitive dancer, rhythmic gymnast,… Read more

  • 1on1: Mackenzie Sol

    1on1: Mackenzie Sol
    Credit: Instagram

    Favorites: Song: Sign Sealed Diverted Artist: Steve Wonder Book: Dont Read Movie: Happy Gilmore TV Show: Family Guy What made you want to get into the music industry? My parents both sing and growing up I was constantly on the road touring my whole childhood. What was the first song you ever recorded? A cover… Read more