Music Mondays

  • What is the music played at the beginning of a TV show called?

    What is the music played at the beginning of a TV show called?

    TV Shows since the inception of TV shows have always had music play at the beginning of every episode. The piece of music is called a Theme Song or Opening Titles Song. Many theme songs over the years have been mega hits! The Brady Bunch theme song is one of those that just gets stuck… Read more

  • Music Mondays: Hello Sister

    Music Mondays: Hello Sister

    How did you get started doing music? When the three of us were growing up, our dad was a big influence because he was always playing music around the house. Grace started taking piano lessons and singing when she was around 6 years old. Later after, Gabriella started taking Guitar lessons and Scarlett was always banging… Read more

  • Music Mondays: Ellarose Kaylor

    Ellarose Kaylor is kicking off the new year with the release of her new single I Still Believe. The pop song is co-written by Kristen Collins and produced by Andrew Lane. In spite of her young age, this song marks her 5th original. How did you get started doing music?  When I was 7 years old… Read more

  • Music Mondays: Taydee Marie

    Music Mondays: Taydee Marie

    How did you get started doing music?  I’ve been writing songs and singing as long as I can remember. I started pursuing music full time when I left Arkansas and moved to Los Angeles, CA. I was in a rock band called, Edgewater Angel. Now I’m pursuing my solo pop career with my amazing team,… Read more

  • Music Mondays: Kennedy Madison

    Music Mondays: Kennedy Madison

    How did you get started doing music? I first started off in a church choir with my dad when I was around 5 years old, as I got older I realized I grew such a strong passion and love for singing that I went into theatre, then a girl group. Years past and now I… Read more

  • Music Mondays: Lex

    How did you get started doing music? At a very young age I was immersed in music. Piano lessons, theater, and voice lessons. My father was very musical, so I grew up with it.  But it wasn’t until college that I started taking my music career seriously. I was part of the vocal performance program at… Read more

  • Music Mondays: K.O.A.

    How did you get started doing music? Depends on who you ask. we both have different paths to music. As far as us both making music together, it was sort of accidental. one of us had a meeting with a studio in Santa Monica to get involved in the music scene… learn, get people coffee,… Read more

  • Music Mondays: Alexis Marerro

    Music Mondays: Alexis Marerro

    How did you get started doing music? I was discovered on Instagram when I was 16 and have been writing and recording ever since!  What was it like recording your first song? Recording my first song was such a surreal experience! I had always dreamed of being a recording artist and walking into that studio… Read more

  • Music Mondays: Savannah Lathem

    Music Mondays: Savannah Lathem

    How did you get started doing music? I started playing Piano when I was seventeen and everything just seemed to take off from there. I started writing music and fell in love with it. Music helps me express myself and it feels like it comes naturally for me.   Last year I got an opportunity to… Read more