• 1on1: Jaleena Rodriguez

    1on1: Jaleena Rodriguez

    Favorites: Artist: Omg! I have so many! But to name a few… Sam Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, Rihanna, and I got that old soul because I also love listening to Brenton Wood and some motown! Book: Literally any Harry Potter Book TV Show: All time fav is Friends! Movie: My favorites are Mean Girls and Midnight… Read more

  • 1on1: Jake Diaz

    1on1: Jake Diaz
    Photo Credit: tihanyiphoto

    Favorites: Song: Happy by Pharrell Williams Artist: Voice Artist Tom Kenny who is the voice of Spongebob Book: I love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series TV Show: Henry Danger and Bunk’d Movie: Goosebumps 2 What made you want to become an Actor? I was bullied at school for awhile because I am different. It would… Read more

  • 1on1: Maceo Sicam

    Favorites: Artist:  Bruno MarsSong: The less I know the better – Tame ImpalaBook: The Bazaar of bad dreams – Stephen KingFilm: Scott Pilgrim vs The World TV Show: The Seven deadly sins How did you get started in Hollywood? I got started in Hollywood from a dance class that I took in Hollywood from a big choreographer and after that I… Read more

  • 1on1: James Cartmell

    Favorites Song: High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco Artist: Lauv, 24kGoldn and The Jonas Brothers Book: Shadow by Michael Morpurgo Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean movies – but more recently Silver Linings Playbook. TV Show: Suits on Netflix or Dickinson’s on Apple TV. How did you get started in acting? I’ve been acting for… Read more

  • 1on1: Ava Cantrell

    Song: Mr. Brightside Artist: The White Stripes Book: The Cruel Prince Series l Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty TV Show: The Queens Gambit and it was phenomenal! How did you get started in acting? When I was a little girl, I was a competitive dancer, and my absolute favorite part about it was… Read more

  • 1on1: Charlie Rose Townsend

    Favorites: Artist: Ariana Grande Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas What made you want to get into acting? I always loved pretending to be other characters. I would watch Disney and Nickelodeon shows and I just knew I could do that. I was really lucky that my grandma and mom agreed to let me try, and… Read more

  • 1on1: Jade Patteri

    Favorites:  Musical: Something Rotten! Song: “Marry You” by Bruno Mars  Artist: Maroon 5 Movie: The Theory of Everything  TV Show: The Office  How did you get started in the entertainment industry?  Growing up around parents who were in the entertainment industry I’m not sure I had a choice!  Peeking through the keyhole of an artist’s life and journey was exhilarating,… Read more

  • 1on1: Connor Dean

    1on1: Connor Dean

    Favorites:  Song: Don’t Stop Believin’ Singer: I have many- Billy Joel, Journey, Elton John, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons Book: Ready Player One Film: Star Wars: A New Hope TV Show: Friends When did you first realize that l you wanted to be an Actor? When I was little and saw my older brother going on… Read more

  • 1on1: Izzie Flórez

    1on1: Izzie Flórez

    Favorites Song: ReplayArtist: Lady GagaBook: The Giving TreeMovie: La La LandTV Show: Stranger Things When did you realize you wanted to become an actress? “At the age of 5, while attending a summer fine arts camp, I was cast as the lead of Max, in Where the Wild things Are. This sparked my initial interest… Read more

  • 1on1: Mackenzie Sol

    1on1: Mackenzie Sol
    Credit: Instagram

    Favorites: Song: Sign Sealed Diverted Artist: Steve Wonder Book: Dont Read Movie: Happy Gilmore TV Show: Family Guy What made you want to get into the music industry? My parents both sing and growing up I was constantly on the road touring my whole childhood. What was the first song you ever recorded? A cover… Read more