• Interview with Lilo Baier

    Interview with Lilo Baier
    Photo by L.K. Watson / Frudy.com

    Today we interview Singer Lilo Baier who’s recent songs “Better in Time” and “Real Friends” have been true gems to listen to and the accompanying music videos cinematically gorgeous. Baier is represented by Key Elements PR. What inspired you to become a singer? Somebody who inspired me to be a singer is Taylor Swift. I… Read more

  • 1on1 Interview: Yasmina El-Abd from “Theodosia” (Video)

    1on1 Interview: Yasmina El-Abd from “Theodosia” (Video)

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  • 1on1: Sophia Rozdilsky from Gymnastics Nomads

    1on1: Sophia Rozdilsky from Gymnastics Nomads

    Favorites: Song: Trader by Olivia Rodrigo Artist: Olivia Rodrigo Book: The Bible Movie: Old TV Show: Criminal Minds How old were you when you first began gymnastics? I was six years old. My mom introduced me to it. You have competed internationally for gymnastics. What is it like traveling to different countries and how is… Read more

  • 1on1: Capri Everitt

    1on1: Capri Everitt

    Capri Everitt is a 17-year-old Guinness World Record-holding singer. She received world-wide recognition in the international media during her journey “Around the World in 80 Anthems” where she sang 80anthems in 80 countries in their native languages to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children through SOS Children’s Villages. Favorites: Artist: Ariana Grande… Read more

  • Interview with Alisha Liston

    Song: Currently “Touch Tone Telephone” by Lemon Demon Artist: Cavetown Book: City of Ember by Jeanne DuPra Film: Bambi TV Show: Amphibia!! Alisha Liston is a Singer/Songwriter who recently released her EP entitled “Beautiful Illusion”. Today, we’re interviewing Alisha about how she came up with her ideas for the 7-track EP and what inspired the making of her music video… Read more

  • 1on1: Reese Warren

    1on1: Reese Warren

    Reese Warren is an Actress and Singer. Favorites:  Song: You Need To Calm Down: Taylor Swift Artist: Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber Book: Manga Film: A Silent Voice TV Show: Anime How did you get your start in acting? I started acting when I was 5 years old with my performing arts studio. What was the casting process like for… Read more

  • Fast Facts: Zoe Nazarian

    Fast Facts: Zoe Nazarian

    Zoe Nazarian was born and raised in Southern California, Zoe had a passion for performing at a young age. Her career started with acting, but at just 13 years old she dove into the world of social media, creating her own YouTube videos. Taking on the “big sister” role in her videos Zoe is known… Read more

  • 1on1: YAA Nominee Maya Jai Pinson

    1on1: YAA Nominee Maya Jai Pinson

    Maya Jai is an Actress, Writer and Director who recently scored three Young Artist Awards Nominations for her short film “I’m Ready”. Maya was nominated in the Outstanding Producer and Writer Categories and additionally received a nomination in the Short Film Role Teen Actress Category. Favorites Song: Until the End of Time by Justin Timberlake ft… Read more

  • 1on1: Paris Newton from Shameless

    1on1: Paris Newton from Shameless

    Paris Newton is most known for her role playing Franny Gallagher on Showtime’s hit tv series “Shameless”. Favorites: Song: Speechless from the new Disney Aladdin Movie Artist: Miley Cyrus Movie: Jurassic Park because it has my TV grandpa William H Macy in it!TV Show: Puppy Dog Pals! My brother plays Rolly on the show and I… Read more

  • 1on1: Sicily Rose

    1on1: Sicily Rose

    Favorites:  Song: To sad to cry by: Sasha Sloan Artist: Billie Eilish Book: After  Movie: Life in a year  TV Show: Vampire Diaries How did you get your start in the entertainment industry? I started modeling at 5 but didn’t really start taking off until I was 11 When I  became an Influencer.   What was… Read more