Interview With Clementine Lea

Photo Credit: Caroline Fratacci

Tell us about your start in the acting world

At age 11, I wanted to get into modeling so my mom set up a fashion photoshoot with one of her friends and that’s where everything started. I submitted those photos to a few talent agencies, and ended up signing with an agent across the board which meant I had to start taking acting classes. I immediately loved it so much that I ended up doing more acting than modeling. I did a lot of national commercials such as Blinger, Coleman, and some short films such as “Just Be” and “Astrall Story” but I lost my interest in acting a few months ago. I now focus mostly on social content creation.

What can you tell us about your upcoming reality show with MTV?

At this point, we only shot the pilot and I’m not authorized to share details just yet unfortunately, but I can say it’s supposed to be a docu series about teens navigating the social media industry.

What sparked your passion for the big cat rescue?

I have always loved animals and adopted a wonderful kitten in 2018 from a cat sanctuary called Perry’s place, Heaven on Earth (NoHo), and since that day, my family & I have been fostering over 50 kittens, and we recently started to take part in their enrichment program which consists of cuddling & socializing cats & kittens within the sanctuary. We go in every other week for about one hour. Their website is if anyone is looking to help and/or adopt.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

“Just be ” or the Blinger, commercial campaign but I honestly had fun every time I have been on set because I love working with different people, and navigating the cast & crew. Every project is different but each is so fun and memorable.

Photo Credit: Caroline Fratacci

What’s your favorite memory from being on set?

Being with the cast of just be and getting to know the cast and crew better, and sharing meals together on set. So many people were awesome and creative and interesting, especially on the set of “Just Be”. It just always feels like a big family. I love getting my hair and makeup done though, it’s so relaxing and pleasing, I just love feeling so glamorous.

How do you come up with ideas for your TikTok and Instagram Reels Videos?

I do a lot of research looking at content that does well on social and find inspiration like this. I thrive to create content that is relatable and I find most of my inspiration from my TikTok For You page. I follow any trend that makes sense for my audience and type of content so that I know that my followers will love it. I also try to reach different audiences too by creating content I know will pop up on non followers feed. For instagram I try to be aesthetic and trendy so that people will save my posts for outfit or photo inspiration.

Which acting role was your favorite to play?

Blinger was my favorite acting role because it was so fun to shoot a commercial with girls my age. The whole concept was super fun and girly and I felt so happy the whole day. The outcome was super great and it was overall a really fun commercial.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given thus far?

Definitely do not trust anyone. I go into any relationship that originated from social media expecting nothing in return and not giving them any trust until I know that they are a good person. This could be seen as a very negative thing but it has saved me from being hurt countless times, if you don’t expect anything or trust anyone you won’t get hurt. I definitely have to learn this the hard way though.

What’s your biggest career goal?

Few years back, my dream was to become a model, then an established actor, but my career goal shifted with the years & experience and lately I have decided to pursue a career in business and marketing in the hope to become an influencer marketing manager. I’m very focused on school being a junior in highschool and I want to get into a top university.

What was the audition process like for your role on “Modern Family?”

Back in 2018, I was actually just a featured background on one episode so no audition needed 🙂 It was a super fun episode where the dads are dressed up as bees for their daughter’s school performance, it was quite comical to watch live!

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