4k Ultra Review: Krampus

What to my wondering eyes should appear but Krampus on 4k Ultra Blu-Ray should appear!

Browsing Amazon like I always do for the latest and greatest I was stopped dead in my tracks to find one of my favorite Christmas Horror movies with a 4k upgrade! The 2015 holiday horror film from Director Michael Dougherty, the film was made back then for a modest $15 million USD budget.

And was filmed Wellington, New Zealand with Weta Workshop assisting for VFX.

This 4k Ultra Blu-Ray has absolutely stunning picture and sound!

There’s even a Filmmaker’s Audio Commentary that’s included on the 4k disk – a rarity these days!

This edition also includes a new Dolby Atmos Mix.

The picture is so warm and yet so beautifully blue as the snow falls hard!

It’s a must see for all 4k Ultra Blu-Ray Collectors!

As show, this called “The Naughty Edition” and includes dozens of other special features on the accompanying Blu-Ray disc.

You can purchase Krampus 4k Ultra Blu-Ray by clicking here.