Lola Raie

Lola Raie is an Actress who recently played the role of Talia in Cheaper by the Dozen. Raie is represented by Lisa Malcolm at Lynk PR.

Photo Credit: Amy Pogue

How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

My parents started me out in community plays to see if I really wanted to do it since I was only 4. I loved it! It was there that I was introduced to my first Manager and things just went from there.

What was the audition process like for “Cheaper by the Dozen”?

I auditioned via self tape, since that’s how most auditions are going ever since Covid. Since it was a supporting role, there wasn’t a chemistry read or callback.

When you found out you got the part, where were you and what was your reaction?

I was actually at the beach surfing when my agent sent the email asking if all the shoot dates worked for the hold . Then it was a few hours later when I got the final email saying I booked it!

How long did you film for and what was a typical day of filming like?

I was on set for 3 days of a month. A typical day was arriving to set at 7 or 8am, I had an early call time because my character had a very specific look. Makeup and hair took about an hour and a half to two hours. Then on set , if I wasn’t needed for filming I was in set school. When I was wrapped for the day, i would go back to makeup for them to remove all my makeup.

Talk about a huge ensemble cast, what was it like to work with so many kids and teens all at once?

It was a lot of fun! I met so many people, between the actors and P.As and just everyone that worked on set. Everyone was so nice. All the kids on set got along and were nice.

Tell us more about your character in “Cheaper by the Dozen”?

Talia is a slightly a goth/emo girl. She’s really sweet, but you would never no because of her image. She notices DJ, one of the Baker sons checking her out. At his birthday party, DJ really impresses her with his new style, and well, the rest is Comic Con history ( You need to watch the movie till the end credits to get it;))

Did you watch the original “Cheaper by the Dozen” in 2003? Are there any easter eggs from the original in this one?

I watched the first one a long time ago. It was funny and cute. This story line is unique and done different than the original. There really aren’t any Easter Eggs, at least that I saw.

Do you have a favorite memory from filming the film?

I really loved getting my hair and makeup done ! The artists that I got to have create my look were amazing! They really are so talented. I also liked when I got to dress like Black Widow for the end of the movie. The outfit was so cool.

Any advice you’d give to somebody who wants to follow their dreams and do what you’re doing?

I would just say work hard and don’t give up. This industry is full of rejection, but the right things happen for YOU!