Interview with Mandy Corrente

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Mandy Corrente is a Singer, Dancer and Actress who recently went viral with her appearance on The Ellen Show.

Corrente is represented by Lisa Malcolm at Z Star Digital.

Photo Credit: Juan Abreu

What inspired you to get into the entertainment industry?

I got very motivated by seeing a lot of kids doing things in the industry, and I wanted to bring happiness to kids and families with my songs and dances.

What’s the first ever acting job that you booked?

It was a commercial for a Puppy Brand called Dry and Fluffy, and it was super fun because I got to play with a cute puppy.

What’s your process for coming up with new music?

First, my mom and I talk about what I want to sing about, and then she comes up with a concept for the song. We have a brainstorming session, and then we start to create the beats and the melody with the producers. Sometimes I don’t hear the music until it is ready to record, and it’s exciting because it is always something different and fun to sing.

How do you come up with ideas for your music videos?

We always do a brainstorming meeting with ideas and concepts for the song, and my mom creates the storyboards with the directors. The idea begins with the lyrics of the songs, and then we try to do things that are fun for kids to watch and dance along with.

What’s it like to film your music videos?

It is so long sometimes, but it is always fun; I play a lot with my friends on set, and we enjoy the work, but it is hard work, and I have to sing and dance like 300 times.

Source: Mandy Corrente’s YouTube Channel

What’s the first ever video that you did that went viral and what was it like?

I was on vacation in North Carolina, and I was about to go skiing. I decided to do a TikTok before we left the cabin, and my mom posted it. It was a fantastic experience, the TikTok got more than 100 million views, and I got invited to be on The Ellen Show. It was a dream come true.

How do you come up with your content ideas for social media?

Each time I release a new song, my social media photo and covers change to adapt to the song’s mood. I like changes. It keeps things fun!

Any advice you’d give to a young person your age who wants to do what you do?

Just follow your dreams, do what you love and be yourself no matter what. Stay true to yourself always and work hard to conquer your dreams.