Joshua Turchin releases new single “Does It Make You Feel Better”

Photo Credit: Gene Reed

Joshua Turchin is a Singer/Songwriter and Host of The Early Late Show with Joshua Turchin. Turchin is represented by Key Elements PR.

Turchin is back at it again with another incredible single release. The Broadway Singer and Songwriter released on Friday a brand new single entitled “Does It Make You Feel Better”.

Frudy had a chance to interview Joshua Turchin about the track.

Read on to learn more about the song, what the inspiration was for it and what the music video might just look like!

What is your new song about?

My new song is about dealing with bullying, asking that age-old question of why it makes some people feel better to put other people down.

What inspired you to make this song?

Going into the first lockdown, I was experiencing some cyberbullying from a group of friends that I had previously worked with. It ended up getting really bad, but it made for a pretty cool song!

What was it like to record the song?

It was one of the most incredible writing experiences working with Victoria Shaw. She’s such an amazing songwriter. When we got to the recording studio, Victoria and I came up with some specific notes and things to work on, and from there we just taped for the next few hours. After we were done, we took notes and listened back to the finished product, sending it off to be mixed and mastered. Victoria Shaw and Rocco Fiorentino produced the single.

Is there a music video coming for the song?

The song was released April 2nd and the music video is still in production, but is being released soon! Make sure to follow me on all of my social media at @joshuaturchin for more updates, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for a first look!