Found Footage Horror Film “Shelby Oaks” raises $650k+ on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the home for indie filmmakers who are looking to raise money to get their projects made from family, friends and fans alike.

The latest fundraiser from the platform is for a found footage horror film entitled “Shelby Oaks“.

The campaign for the film launched March 1st and was seeking a goal of $250,000.

As of March 21st, they have raised $650,000 and counting.

The film is directed by first-time director Chris Stuckmann who also wrote the script.

Here’s a synopsis of the film from the Kickstarter:

Shot as a traditional feature, but with some elements of found footage, Shelby Oaks is a horror film about missing paranormal investigators (the paranormal paranoids), the dark legacy they uncovered, and the far-reaching effects their investigation has as Mia searches for her sister Riley, the lead paranormal investigator, 12 years later.

As Mia uncovers new and disturbing leads related to Riley’s disappearance, she uncovers evidence of a hidden supernatural evil dating all the way back to her and Riley’s childhood.

The poster art looks pretty epic too! And you can get your own poster, blu-ray, t-shirt and/or even a Producer credit could be yours based on your package tier. Packages start out at just $25.

According to, production will take place in Cleveland, Ohio with AMP International handling world sales for the picture.