Zelensky speaks before Congress, shares heartbreaking video of the war and begs for “No Fly Zone”

President Biden is under intense pressure this morning to further act on Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before congress this morning via zoom.

He pleaded with Congress for a “no fly zone” and compared what’s happening to Ukraine with our 9/11. He added that it’s been 9/11 and Pearl Harbor for 3 weeks now over there and looks to the free leader of the world to bring peace.

Zelensky further added that all US companies should pull out of Russia and that some U.S. companies are still taking oil from Russia.

The concern with a “no fly zone” would put the United States in direct conflict with Russia leading to World War 3.

To illustrate the devistation further, Zelensky showed videos of pre-war and then what that place looked like now with war and it was absolutely heartbreaking.

President Biden is expected to respond to Zelensky’s address to Congress this afternoon.