Is Tom Holland GenZ’s Leonardo DiCaprio?!

GenZ is absolutely obsessed with Spider-Man’s Tom Holland so much so that they helped his latest Spider-Man film rake in domestically $760m for Sony/Marvel. Officially dethroning Avatar as the #3 highest grossing domestic movie of all time.

Now with a new film “Uncharted” out this weekend, it’ll be a true test for Sony Studios to see if Holland can be the next Leonard DiCaprio when it comes to being a box office hit maker.

“Uncharted” also stars Marky Mark and Antonio Banderas.

Source: PlayStation/Sony

The film is based on the PlayStation game of the same name, but doesn’t have the same level of fandom of let’s say a Resident Evil.

The idea for Tom Holland to play the lead role in “Uncharted” came after a meeting he had with Sony in which he wanted to play the next James Bond. And thus this project was born.

Looking closely at the trailer, the SFX is pretty incredible and Marky Mark’s mustache is quite adorable!

The film was made for a modest $120 million dollars and had multiple delays and setbacks due to covid.

According to various box office experts, the film domestically would need to make at least $30-$40m this opening weekend to track for a successful debut.

With all of that said, if “Uncharted” is successful it shows that Holland doesn’t need the Marvel brand to make a movie money, he can bring in the audience with his name alone.

This could make Tom Holland GenZ’s Leonardo DiCaprio.