1on1: Sophia Rozdilsky from Gymnastics Nomads


Song: Trader by Olivia Rodrigo

Artist: Olivia Rodrigo

Book: The Bible

Movie: Old

TV Show: Criminal Minds

How old were you when you first began gymnastics?

I was six years old. My mom introduced me to it.

You have competed internationally for gymnastics. What is it like traveling to different countries and how is each country’s competition different from the other?

Each country has different values and strengths: in France they really value the dance steps and choreography while in Bulgaria and Russia they are all about difficulty and scoring the most points. I like meeting different people so much so I am very grateful I have the chance to travel.


Do you have a favorite gymnastic routine?

My freehand routine choreographed by my Mongolian coach Ms. Zaya.

What’s the training schedule like for gymnastics vs dancer?

The biggest difference is that in rhythmic gymnastics you work with one coach where in dance you have many teachers because they all specialize in a particular style of dance. Rhythmic gymnastics is all about flexibility and intricate tosses and catches while dance is more complex; technique is important but your presence on stage is what makes or breaks you as a dancer. In dance you are encouraged to be unique while in rhythmic gymnastics you have to be like everyone else, provided you execute the elements correctly based on the current Code of Points.

What’s it like training with Abby and the ALDC Dance Company?

First, Ms. Abby is not mean at all. She is very strict though and she expects you to listen to her and to have good work ethics and good demeanor if you want to continue working with her. That is pretty much the case for every elite dance coach and choreographer; they don’t want people wasting their time.