Last Night in Soho is a Cinematic Halloween Treat!

Rating: 4.5/5

Halloween has arrived over and move over overly done horror slasher films, because Director Edgar Write (Baby Driver) has an original Halloween movie made for the big screen!

From the moment the film begins, you get drawn into Thomason Mackenzie (JoJo Rabbit) character who is off to fashion school in London.

Things don’t quite work out in the dorm at school so she moves to a private, cheaper space where she gets her own room across town. You get what you pay for and she gets dump!

Anywho, as she stays there the dreams ensure of Anya Taylor-Joy’s (The Queen’s Gambit) character and I’ll leave the rest of that haunting story for you to watch on the big screen. It’s deep! And let’s not forget Anya’s character hauntingly singing “Downtown” in the trailer. It plays very well acapella style in the movie with her performance giving you the chills.

I knew Anya Taylor-Joy was a star ever since THE WITCH!

The film is masterfully shot and VFX outstanding. It gave me the absolute creeps. There were a few solid jump scares but for me it’s how both worlds of 1960’s and present day London looked. The sets are immaculate. For those of you who just watched Cruella, you’ll feel they could have existed in the same realm.

And the lighting, those neon vibes has me feeling like I’m in a kaleidoscope of a dream! Eerie!!!!!

Now, I will say the pacing I felt was slightly slow to begin. Though, that pays off once we get moving in the 2nd and 3rd acts where it payed off and gives off one hell of an ending—no punt intended!

Go and see this movie and prepare for some haunting dreams at night!