Actor Jamie Costa delivers Oscar-Worthy performance in Robin “biopic” Test Footage that will make you cry.

Hearts around the world sunk into sadness the day Comedian Robin Williams passed away. His sudden death, a tragedy took the world by storm. His work has transcended generations and warmed the heart of all.

Robin sadly took his own life on August 11, 2014.

His family said he was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the Coroner revealed he had also been suffering from Lewy body disease at the time of his death.

Robin’s films included Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting and more.

Jamie Costa an actor out of Los Angeles who often does impressions based content on his YouTube channel posted a video 2 days ago entitled “ROBIN Test Footage”. The video has amassed to close to 2 million views is currently trending on YouTube.

Fans of Williams all over have been tweeting about the clip, saying that a biopic needs to be made of Robin’s life with Jamie Costa playing Robin.

Fans see Robin through Jamie’s performance. The way Costa gets his mannerisms, posture and vocal tones. As a huge fan of Williams myself, I thought I was watching a young Robin Williams on the screen.

The way Jamie takes you that place is something just so magical.

The short clip has outstanding cinematography and a score that will melt your hearts.

Jamie Costa’s IMDb shows his most recent acting credit playing a character in 2 episodes of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and the Monsters of Manhattan along with several voiceover and short film credits