Could Shib hit a penny by Christmas?!

With Crypto Currency being a wild, wild west these days its hard to keep track of what the next big coin is, unless you’re a fan of the Dogecoin! Dogecoin skyrocketed last year from below .01 to a high of .71 when Elon Musk hosted SNL this summer. Now, Doge’s sister cShib is on the rise.

So, what is exactly is Shib?

Shib short for Shiba Inu (the dog that dogecoin is named after) launched in August of 2020 by an anonymous individual and gained notoriety throughout the pandemic because of its low cost and market cap. The coin’s price soared over 400% just within the past week.

The market cap has now reached past 15 billion, it took Dogecoin a few years to hit it’s market cap of 32 billion.

Shib is now considered the 12th most popular cryptocurrency in the world because of its most recent spikes.

Shib was trading in July for .00000671 now it’s priced as of this article’s publishing at .000031!

It was around this time last year that Dogecoin was trading for under .01 which is where Shib sees itself now.

The price for the coin also spiked after Elon Musk tweeted this out earlier this month.

Will Shib reach a penny by Christmas?

The Crypto Gods are up to something that’s for sure, only time will tell.