Squid Game on Netflix and what you need to know!

Netflix has another hit on their hands with Squid Game, only this one comes with subtitles.

A prize worth 40.6 billion dollars! Can you hear Dr. Evil’s voice already joining in with that kind of money on the table?!

The show is spoken in Korean language with English subtitles and revolves around “hundreds of cash-strapped adult contestants who accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.”

The challenges are deadly, and all little kids games that who would have thought could turn so deadly? The show is a survival of the fittest hunger games-style with a sprinkle of Darwinism.

Warning and Spoiler Alert: THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

The film’s star Lee Jung-jae is an award winning South Korean Actor, Model and Entrepreneur. One his businesses is an Italian Restaurant in South Korea called Il Mare named after one of the movies he was in. He also owns other businesses as well!

The trailer for the series has 19 million views and counting on YouTube!

Some projections are showing this as the most watched tv series of all time.

Big YouTubers are making hilarious reaction videos to the series!

And the memes are too die for! Thousands posted everywhere over the internet.

How about those pink suits for your next bow tie dinner?!

Twitter is having a field day with this show too!

Check out this epic series was made!

Squid Game. Yo r because of its global popularity could get a Season 2! The director already hinted about that today with an interview on IGN.