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Penny Stocks on the Rise! -Week of July 6th

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors and this is opinion based only. 

Invest at your own risk.

After a long holiday weekend, the Stock Market will reopen today. With the rise of social media, comes the rise of stocks thanks to meme stocks AMC and GME. With just the search of a $ on Twitter, you’ll find tons of chatter about what everybody thinks will be the next big players.

Moving over from the meme stocks into penny stock land or pink sheets, you’ll find viable small companies that could be the next big thing! These companies are considered micro cap or smaller companies on the rise and can be cheaper to purchase that the larger companies out their on the stock market. Penny stocks do come with a risk, like any investment does.

We decided to put our own list of our favorite penny stocks together, that we feel are on the rise and could could make some big moves soon.

Here’s our favorites for this week:

Apt Systems, Inc. (APTY)

Price: 0.017

This multifaceted technology company is trading right around a penny and has been building steady accumulation around that price for last week or so. The company specializes in the creation of financial platforms and innovative stock research tools, an equities trading application called Intuitrader and Verifundr is a platform to manage escrow. It also owns mobile gaming app developer called SNAPT Games and has a stable coin called Spera.

Many on social media are fired up and excited about this stock because of its crypto connection with Spera.

The company also has a small float of around 133m shares.

APTY Executives have said on their twitter account that they are in the process of getting their company current by submitting the proper paperwork to the OTC Markets.

We look forward to watching this stock and are keeping our eyes on it.

GD Entertainment and Technology, Inc. (GDET)

Price: .002735

This stock you can purchase for under a penny right now and recently just got Pink Current status. GDET focuses on “high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products worldwide”. Recently, GDET launched a high end custom debit/credit card that “simply takes an existing debit or credit card and transfer its data and EMV chip into a new metal, 24karat or Stainless Steel card of the cardholders design and ships it to the holder”.

The company also has a small float of around 357m shares.

This one is a going to be a fun one to watch as its price is so cheap and its float is incredibly low!

Western Sierra Resource Corp (WSRC)

Price: .253

WSRC has been seeing huge returns for some its investors already. In the middle of June, the stock price was just .03 and now its .253 as of the close on Friday. At one point the stock rose to a high last week of .40. WSRC is “a multifaceted natural resource company focused on applying its $40,500,000 in water assets to “beneficial use” for irrigation and cultivation of high value industrial hemp with which to manufacture “green” building products for construction of affordable homes. This has led to the Company’s involvement in, and acquisition of associated “green” technologies for construction; for energy and water conservation; and for alternative and renewable off-grid power sources.”

The company also has a small float of around 111m shares.

The fascinating thing about this stock is its focus in the green resources space. We are excited to see where this one swings to as green resources become ever more prevalent to combat climate change.

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