1on1: Paris Newton from Shameless

Paris Newton is most known for her role playing Franny Gallagher on Showtime’s hit tv series “Shameless”.


Song: Speechless from the new Disney Aladdin Movie 
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Movie: Jurassic Park because it has my TV grandpa William H Macy in it!
TV Show: Puppy Dog Pals! My brother plays Rolly on the show and I love watching him!! 

What inspired you to become an Actress?

My brother was an actor first and so I would always watch him on TV or modeling for Disney store and I wanted to do it too! When I was 3, I started trying to go into my brothers auditions with him so I could try to audition too. I begged my parents to let me try acting too! They finally let me try, and my second audition was for Franny Gallagher on Shameless and I booked the job! 

How did you get discovered in Hollywood?

Since my big brother was already in acting and had an agent, I just had to go in and audition with his agent to get started. Luckily, I did good in the audition and they picked me up too!

What was the casting process like for Shameless?

They found me off my headshot that was online and asked me to come in. When I got there, they brought me on set and showed me around and then gave me things to say and do and I did it! After that , they gave me three longer scenes to memorize and perform for a producer session! I must have done good because after that they booked me for the role of Franny Gallagher!

What’s a typical day on set like? 

Being on set is SO much fun! We normally start super early with 6am call times! First you have to COVID test, then once you are done with that you can go to your dressing room or crafty ( my favorite place to get snacks!) After that wardrobe brings me my clothes for the day and hair comes into my dressing room and they turn me into Franny! They actually have to temporarily dye my hair red every day I am on set because I’m really a blonde and Franny is a red head! After that we go into rehearsal and start filming for the day and I get to play with my TV family-which is the best part of the day!

What’s your favorite episode/scene from the show?

I think my favorite episode is season 11 episode 3 where Frank and Franny bond and I got to do so many one on one scenes with William H Macy! If you haven’t seen it yet, please go watch it!

What is it like working with so many high profile talent on Shameless?

It’s great! They are so nice and caring to me on set, they have really turned into family for me.

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