1on1: Jake Diaz


Song: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Artist: Voice Artist Tom Kenny who is the voice of Spongebob

Book: I love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series

TV Show: Henry Danger and Bunk’d

Movie: Goosebumps 2

What made you want to become an Actor?

I was bullied at school for awhile because I am different. It would upset me and I needed a healthy outlet so my mom put me in background acting work. I loved being on a set and socializing with other creatives like me. It was then that I knew I had found the place I fit in and wanted to be.

How did you find representation?

 My first manager from 5J Management found me on a Casting Site and offered me a contract. Soon after she had me signed with a Commercial/Print and Theatrical Agent. I will always be grateful for her and the doors she helped open for me.

What was your first ever acting acting job?

My first acting role was a Featured part on How to Get Away with Murder and also a Music Video.

What’s it like doing Voiceover work?

Being a Voice Actor gives me a chance to use my inflection and impersonation skills to disguise my natural voice and bring fun, creative characters to life!

Tell us about your most recent acting job!

The most recent jobs have been playing the Lead for a Holiday Movie. I also just got picked up as the Voice of character “Harley” for a popular video game called “Mobile Legends” for a version to be released later this year!

What has it been liking working and doing auditions during the pandemic?

There have been both positives and negatives. It allows me to work from my home recording studio in my pajamas if working on Voice projects lol. It’s also easier to record an acting self tape from home too. I am super social so not being able to be around old friends or make new friends on set has been a bit of a bummer. 

What’s a fun fact about you that fans should know?

I love to build advanced level Lego Sets, play soccer and just mastered the long avoided Hoverboard! I’m a bit goofy too! That’s about it!