Fast Facts: Patti Negri from Ghost Adventures

Birthplace: Long Beach, California

Place of Study: Junior colleges and esoteric mystery schools throughout the Southland

First ever job: Makeup artist for teen makeup line at Bullocks Department Store (age 13)

Hobbies:  Wiener Wrangling (dachshund racing). Collecting Barbie dolls and Haunted items

Favorite Vacation Spot: Greek Islands – or New York depending on the season.

If you had a boat, what would you name it? Sue LeSea (A play on the Turkish water spirit Su lyesi (meaning water master)

If you were to have your own movie about your life, who would play you? Emma Stone

What was your first medium experience: At three years old in my room talking to the spirits in the closet and under the bed.  (And getting real, pertinent, verifiable information)

How did you get your start as a medium?  My first séance at age 7 or 8 in my darkened hallway in suburbia. Called in spirits and the pitch black room filled with orbs and lights!

WATCH! Patti investigates the haunted Hotel Cecil in Hollywood, CA in this special episode of Ghost Adventures HERE!