1on1: Maceo Sicam


Artist:  Bruno Mars
Song: The less I know the better – Tame Impala
Book: The Bazaar of bad dreams – Stephen King
Film: Scott Pilgrim vs The World 
TV Show: The Seven deadly sins

How did you get started in Hollywood?

I got started in Hollywood from a dance class that I took in Hollywood from a big choreographer and after that I took more classes there, worked hard to train and get better, and once I was experienced with the industry, I got an agent and i had a lot of auditions coming in and most if them were for big artist like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and John Cena.

What was the first ever dance video that you

My first dance video I was ever in was shown on TMZ, and i got featured on there with a couple of others dancers from Abby Lee Dance Company in LA.

Where did you train for dance and what classes did you take?

I first started training at a dance studio in Santa Clarita  called “L.Y.T.E dance studio” and I got a lot of training there, I was 7yrs old. Then when I saw about another dance company called “Immabeast” I auditioned and got the opportunity to train which helped me grow a lot as a dancer, and now I train with Futurepop with our choreographer at our studio.

How did you get the nickname “Matrix”?

When I was little I saw the Matrix movie, and when that scene came on when Neo bent down backwards, I tried that and I went all the way to the floor and people started calling me Matrix on my dance crew at LYTE, so I used that as my nickname cause it fit in with my name and it sounds really cool, and I also used that move on stage for a competition and I got 1st place.

How did your singing group come together?

We got the audition about a year and a half ago and we met when we were auditioning and we got along really well and when we came together we formed an even closer bond and we formed together as Futurepop. We are like family, all of us. We made 2 albums, but only released 1 so far due to Covid, we dance, and do Tik Tok videos. We’ve probably made about 700 videos this year I was told between all of us.

What’s your most favorite song that you’ve ever recorded?

My favorite recorded song has to be intentions by Justin Bieber which didn’t come out yet but we are planning on getting it out there because it was so fun to record and it was the first song that had a rapping part in it and i killed it in there, just sayin

Does the group have any new music releases planned for 2021?

We have a couple more covers that we did that hasn’t been released yet and will be soon and we are also planning to have a few original songs as well so stay tuned for that. 2021 is gonna be the year.