1on1: Charlie Rose Townsend


Artist: Ariana Grande

Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

What made you want to get into acting?

I always loved pretending to be other characters. I would watch Disney and Nickelodeon shows and I just knew I could do that. I was really lucky that my grandma and mom agreed to let me try, and I was able to get a manager and agent.

How did you get your first agent and manager?

I signed with my manager first, someone recommended them to us, and I went to their office to meet them, they were so nice and had the coolest dogs, I fell in love, and they liked me too, so they signed me. My manager set up a meeting with the agent, I went in and they asked me a bunch of questions and we talked for maybe a half an hour, and then they called us a couple of days later and said they wanted to work with me.

What was your first ever job?

My first job I ever booked was a Tamiflu commercial, then a week later I booked a Pepperidge Farm commercial.

How is your work day different on a VO job vs a traditional acting job?

A traditional acting job is usually in the studio or on location. I am there about 9 hours, I do 3 hours of school with a set teacher, and get a break for lunch. I love getting to pretend to be someone else, getting to be really dramatic, or just being different from the real me. It is my favorite thing to do! Voice over work is great too, I am usually in the recording studio just a couple of hours, and I love the people I am on the show with. On one of the shows I work on all of the characters go in the booth together and record, it’s really cool.

What was the casting process like for T.O.T.S?

My first audition for T.O.T.S. was at the Disney studios, such a cool place to visit. Then I went back for a callback. I booked the role of Octavia the Octopus first, then then hired me to be Mia!

What’s it like working with Vanessa Williams on the show?

I love Vanessa Williams, and it is exciting to play her daughter on T.O.T.S., but we never get to record at the same time! I love that her character is a pelican and she is Mia’s (the kitty) mom, they like to show that every family is different and that’s ok!

How did you find the voice to play Mia?

I always used to make up baby voices for my dolls, so when I got the audition it was pretty easy for me. Mia is a baby kitty, and all of the other voices I do on the show are babies too.

What’s was the casting process like on LA’s Finest?

LA’s Finest was a fun audition. There were only like 4-5 pages of lines on the first call, and then I got the callback a few days later. It went really fast after that, wardrobe was just a day or two later. Rebecca Budwig who plays my mom was there for the wardrobe fitting, so it was great to get to meet her before we started filming. I didn’t know it would be recurring when I first booked it, so I was so excited when they called me back for more episodes.

Tell us about your first time on set.

The first time I was ever on set was so great. I couldn’t believe that I had my own trailer, and craft service had every snack I could want. We filmed on a huge sound stage and there were a bunch of small sets that were supposed to look like the inside of houses, they were made really small because I was supposed to look like a giant. I had the best day ever.

What other projects have you worked on?

I have done 5 or 6 commercials, and a few really fun BuzzFeed videos. I also worked on the show Marvel Runaways, and a movie of the week called Killer Single Dad. I do a voice on Muppet Babies and recently filmed my favorite role so far on The Orville, but I am not allowed to talk about it yet.

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