1on1: Jade Patteri


Musical: Something Rotten!

Song: “Marry You” by Bruno Mars 

Artist: Maroon 5

Movie: The Theory of Everything 

TV Show: The Office 

How did you get started in the entertainment industry? 

Growing up around parents who were in the entertainment industry I’m not sure I had a choice!  Peeking through the keyhole of an artist’s life and journey was exhilarating, purposeful and had me at go. I love to make people laugh and to feel something.  My mom says I learned to sing before I learned how to talk…and even when I learned how to talk I still chose singing instead. So, being outgoing and extroverted I fell into the family circle of backyard improv, home made movies and karaoke… and well the rest is history!

What was the first acting role you ever booked? 

My first professional role was Young Jane/Adele in the World Premiere of “Jane Eyre the musical” at the Fullerton Civic Light Opera! At the age of nine I not only got to be in a professional production, but I got to experience the joy of creating a role that had never been done. I was too young to really realize what a gift it was at the time, but I wasn’t too young to know that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! 

What was the casting process like for “The Prom”? 

Casting is an artform in and of itself and a bit like a box of chocolates…you never know who or what you are gonna get.  That said, the audition for “The Prom” was fulfilling, nerve wracking, respectful, and very challenging! Dancing in front of Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw who choreographed “The Prom” on Broadway as well as having the original cast members present in the room was, well, intimidating.  However, they could not have been more gracious and fun.  Also, one of Hollywood’s top Casting Directors, Alexa Fogel, made the experience so respectful and rewarding.  It was a rush of adrenaline that I am not sure I’d felt before, no coffee needed!

What was your inspiration for the song and music video “Unity”? 

I wrote this song to be a hopeful voice of influence in response to the cultural, racial and political divides that propagate injustice in our current society. This song is about bringing people together despite their differences…in Unity! The video for “Unity” resembles the structure of a short film! I won’t give too much away but I will say that we had some amazing talent also apart of this project such as rapper Paul Toweh, Marcus Mitchell (Step it Up) and Kayla Radomski (So You Think You Can Dance) as our lead dancers and Fresh Redding (choreographer) with help by Outrage (specialty assistant choreographer). This project is very special to me and I cannot wait to share it with the world! 

What’s your process for making music? Walk us through the process from concept to completion. 

I would say my process honestly just comes from a place of truth! When I write, I create from a place of current or past emotions: pain, sorrow, happiness, fear, faith, love or passion with the intentionality of creating some spark of hope or change in our current societal and/or relational norms! When I find that voice of conviction I sit down at my piano to find a chord progression that I like and then I simply start freestyle singing and see what I come up with in the moment! When the muse hits, lyrics just flow out, and typically fairly quickly.  I play the piano by ear so I simply record everything as I go so I will remember the progressions that worked. Music is very healing and personal for me so writing music is like air, I will never stop as long as I need breath.

Pictures and videos on the set of “The Prom”

On set of “Unity:”

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