Music Mondays: K.O.A.

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How did you get started doing music?

Depends on who you ask. we both have different paths to music. As far as us both making music together, it was sort of accidental. one of us had a meeting with a studio in Santa Monica to get involved in the music scene… learn, get people coffee, whatever. We ended up both going and telling them we wanna do music together. Wasn’t planned. I guess it was just some brother shit.

What was it like recording your first ever song?

We recorded our first song in one of our closets back home in Arizona off a blue yeti mic haha.

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fuck up what we got, no way.

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What’s your process for developing creative for music videos?

We are still figuring that out. at first we thought it was just going to a laundry matt in the valley and raging but that shit turned out ass. stay tuned. we will figure it out someday.

What inspired you to make your latest song “Our Last”?

The writing of this song speaks for itself. It was an expierence one of us was having. As far as making the song it was really inspired by being as simple as we could. The first version of this song was made about 2 years ago and at the time we were really inspired by big alternative rap/hiphop beats. Its pretty simple for us. The acoustic guitar is just two simple chords. When it came to vocals we have played so much with harmonies and stacking vocals that we really wanted to make a song with one vocal always driving the song. We didn’t want to think so deep. Which is a big deal for us haha.

Any advice you’d give to somebody who wants to make music?

Don’t wait for anybody. Just get lost in it.