1on1: Connor Dean


Song: Don’t Stop Believin’

Singer: I have many- Billy Joel, Journey, Elton John, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons

Book: Ready Player One

Film: Star Wars: A New Hope

TV Show: Friends

When did you first realize that l you wanted to be an Actor?

When I was little and saw my older brother going on auditions. I decided I wanted to try it since I had to be with him anyway. I was having such a good time going on auditions and then when I booked my first role I was hooked. 

What was the first role you ever booked?    

The first role I ever booked was an internet spot for a universal remote. It was the only time I ever had the same audition as my brother and I beat him out for the part! It was a pretty funny part. I was about 4 years old. 

How did you land your first Agent/Manager?      

My first Agent and Manager were the same ones my older brother had. His manager at the time was actually the one who suggested I try this acting thing. 

What was the job that landed you your SAG-AFTRA Card?      

I think it was 9-1-1. I had been SAGe for a while and was always close to booking that last job and finally got it with 9-1-1.

What was the auditioning process like for 9-1-1?      

The auditioning process was pretty easy. I remember the audition happened the day we were leaving to go to Comic Con in San Diego. I auditioned and then got in the car and headed for San Diego. I found out I was pinned for the job when I got back and found out I booked it a few days later.

What was filming the earthquake scenes like?      

It was actually pretty interesting. We filmed the “earthquake” in the restaurant of the W Hotel in Hollywood. The director would yell “earthquake” and we would react. Filming the aftermath of the earthquake required us to be covered in dust and debris (which was hard to get out of your hair). They had the outside courtyard of the hotel set up to look like buildings crumbled. It was a mess! It was really cool to see the whole episode put together considering when it was being filmed we had no idea what it was going to look like. 

Did you have to do any stunt rehearsals prior to filming?    

No. We were just acting as if there was an earthquake so we didn’t have to do any special training. 

How many days did you work on that episode?    

That episode I worked on for about  2 or 3 days. After that, the show decided to extend things and I ended up coming back about 2 weeks later for another day of work. 

Did you get to meet any of the stars from the show?      

Yes! I met Peter Krause, Oliver Stark, and Kenneth Choi. They were all really awesome and kind. They were always helpful and respectful of everyone on set. 

Anything exciting coming up that you’d like to share? 

I am working on a podcast that will be released in 2021 under my production company Penny Arcade Pictures. I have also been working on a few scripts since January that I hope to make into movies.

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