1on1: Mackenzie Sol


Song: Sign Sealed Diverted

Artist: Steve Wonder

Book: Dont Read

Movie: Happy Gilmore

TV Show: Family Guy

What made you want to get into the music industry?

My parents both sing and growing up I was constantly on the road touring my whole childhood.

What was the first song you ever recorded?

A cover of Go the Distance by Michael Bolton.

Besides singing and acting what are some hobbies you like to do?

Soccer is a huge sport I love. I played semi pro as a kid. It is the main sport in the UK.

Who has had the most influential impact on your singing?

My dad he’s an amazing singer and performer and he taught me so much about music history and all the greats.

When did you realize you loved singing?

I can’t remember not singing. I know I performed with my dad at 18 months.

What was it like singing on The X Factor at such a young age?

It was lots of fun. Simon Cowell was so nice to me. He got me tickets to see the Lion King the musical in London.

How did you meet Abby Lee Miller?

I went to her dance studio in LA and she was the first person we saw. She asked me what I did and I replied “ I sing” she called me another Justin Bieber wannabe!! Lol. She then said if you actually sing then sing, so I didn’t hesitate and in front of a full dance studio packed I broke into Michael Jackson’s, who’s loving you. Most kids get shy I guess and she has always respected me for been the “ real deal” her words not mine. We are now really close, she keeps me In check but is definitely my biggest cheerleader. I love her.

What was the audition process like for pupstar2?

The audition process was actually easier than most. I sent a recording for another character first and a recording of me singing then they came back and asked me to read for PUP then after that second recording. I knew I’d booked the role.

How was being the voice of P.U.P. in pupstar2? 

I loved it the dialect coach on set was a great help with my east coast accent. I got to meet all of the dogs so that was really cool.

What was your inspiration for your music video Taken?

I just wanted to dance. That’s how the concept came about and of course we had to have a little love story in there too.

Anything you would like to share that you’re working on at the moment?

I’m working on so much music right I am ready to release amazing music. This is music that I wrote it’s the real me I pray everyone likes it