1on1: Mila Nabours


Book: The Giver 
Song: “Friends” by Chase Atlantic 
Artist: Billie Eilish and Chase Atlantic 
Movie: Harry Potter Series 
TV Show: Stranger Things 

What made you want to get into acting? 

I began dancing competitively a couple years back, and many of my teammates were involved in the industry so I decided to get into that realm of things and soon decided to try acting classes… from there I really started developing my passion for the art and have been doing it since. 

What was the first role you ever booked? 

My first job booked was my lead role as “Amelia” in the film “Feet of Fire.” In the film I acted as well as danced. 

How did you get started on social media? 

I began doing social media around the age 11 for fun, and started using it as a business tool soon after I began acting. 

How do you come up with your content for social media? 

I love using my platform to show my passions, so typically my content comes from projects I’m working on as well as a showcase of my skills. 

Any advice for those who want to get into acting or social media? 

Social media- I suggest being specific in your niche- as this will drive a particular audience. Make sure your content is authentic and comes from your own real passions. Consistency is key as well as keeping your page aesthetic. 

Acting- booking jobs takes time and patience and it can be easy to get discourage. Make sure you’re acting for the right reasons and as long as you stay busy building your skills things will turn out. 

We heard you are part of a crew/squad. Can you tell us about the crew and the positive influence you hope to spread? 

I am part of the Take 2 Crew, a group of young upcoming content creators who have a passion to make a change in the world. This weekend we spent a day giving back to the homeless and are planning to do it again as well as take action in other charity work.