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This? or That¿🦋Ask Me Anything?!🤍

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How did you get started with dancing?

I have been dancing since 3 yrs old! I used to watch 2 TV shows called Fresh Beat Band and LazyTown and they were the cutest dance shows and I would stand in front of my tv learning every move and piece of choreography, so at 5 I started dance lessons:)

What was the first ever dance trophy you won?

Omg I was so honored to win 1st place overall Junior Dancer at HollyWood Vibe dance competition!!!

How did you join the ALDC?

It so cool…when I was 7 yrs old my mom knew I needed and wanted me to have more advanced/comprehensive training and The Abby Lee Dance Company was the best and about an hour away from my house, so my parents took me and the rest is history!!

How did you and your mom get cast on Dance Moms?

Well when I started at ALDC it was the most amazing training and mentors, so like within a year I worked so hard and had such great training I was like 8 taking senior classes! So from there the producers kind of started invited me a filming me at different competitions and you could kind of see they were kind of getting interested and then they interviewed my mom and I and my first episode was in Season 4.5:) 

What was it like filming Dance Moms?

It was the most amazing and crazy stressful opportunity!! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to train and travel with the most amazing talented dancers!! It was definitely stressful at times, but worth every second because it has literally helped mold me into the dancer and person I am today!!:)

Do you still talk to anyone from the show?

Yes through like Snapchat and Social Media! The girls from the show are the sweetest and we will ALWAYS support each other in everything we do!!

How did you come up with the dance for Alexis Marrero’s music video?

Ahhh it was so fun!! Natalie, Jonna, and I choreographed the dance together at Millenium Dance Complex in Pittsburgh in about 2 hours! Then we had like 2 practices together to clean it and then we went to Ohio where Alexis lives and filmed the video at Lake Erie it was such a fun day and the most amazing experience to be on location together filming such a pretty song with such a powerful meaning!!

Is there anything exciting that you’re working on that you would want your fans to know about?

Yes!!! I am currently working on a secret project with my dear friend and choreographer Kelsi Patten for a Dance Video we are creating for a very special Christian band which will be coming out soon in the beginning of September!! Also, I just professionally filmed a Dance Video to a song called “Masterpiece” by Danny Gokey which will be released soon thereafter!! These projects are like next level, and I am so excited SO PLEASE STAY TUNED!!


Thank you for allowing me to answer your questions and be interviewed!! I have been so blessed with so many amazing opportunities and I’d just like to to thank my Lord and Savior for the life He has given me – I would not be who I am or where I am without my Faith!!♥️
Much Love, Sarah Ashley Hunt

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