1on1: Aly Jade



10,000 Hours


Lizzo, Dan+Shay, and Juice WRLD


Mama Mia

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Lost in the Woods

How did you get started as an influencer/model?

I started influencing about 5 years ago. It started off with competitive dancing and it’s just taken off from there. I started modeling seriously 2 years ago and in that short amount of time it’s really taken off for me. I had my 1st runway show in Hollywood in June 2019. I’ve done a lot of photo shoots, runway, magazines and I went to New York and signed with a great modeling agency!

What made you want to create a squad/crew?

Well randomly one day I had messaged one of my friends and said it would be fun to create a crew and all of the sudden we got our friends together, started a crew & came up with a name. I basically picked up & moved from Mississippi to be with them. We started filming content and traveling together. It’s been so fun and going really well!

What kind of content will your crew be making?

We do a lot of challenges, vlogs, pranks & adding charity work as a priority because we want to help others. We also are active on TikTok, Triller & Forcer.

How is your squad different from the other squads/ crews out there?

It’s organically formed and our friendships are real! We don’t act in our videos. Everything you see is our reality. 

Will your squad be getting a house?

We don’t have a house for the crew but maybe in the future!

Any advice you’d give to someone who wants to become a social media star? 

Be prepared for opinions and hate of course & stay humble. Engage with your fans because with their love & support you can do anything you put your mind to. Make sure you really want to do it & devoted to putting a lot of your time into it! Lastly be you & stay real. Don’t change yourself along the journey for anyone but you!