1on1: Lexi Goodman

America’s Got Talent Star Lexi Goodman dishes on filming the hit reality tv show.



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How did you get started with cheer?

I started cheer because I did gymnastics growing up my entire life and I loved to be active, tumble, and be on teams. My passion for cheer began once I made the middle school cheer team and began to perform at football games in front of a crowd. My mom took me to Cheer Athletics for the first time at the end of 2012 and I have been in love ever since.

How do you prepare for nationals each year?

As 5x consecutive NCA champions, CA Wildcats prepare for nationals every year by increasing our practice hours and days up to 5-7 days of the week for 3+ hours each practice. We train our routine and go full out up to 5 times a practice until it is perfect. We clean, detail, and correct skills and sections of the routine until we are ready to go. Nationals season is the busiest, most intense time of the season, and its my favorite because it’s when all of our hard work finally gets to be rewarded and pays off. 

What inspired you to become a cheer coach? 

What inspired me to become a cheer coach was the kids who have looked up to me throughout my cheerleading career, and those who still do, as well as my coaches who help shape me into the amazing cheerleader and person I would like to consider myself today, because of them. I want to give kids I coach the same experience I had that made my heart and passion so strong for the sport. 

What was filming like for America’s Got Talent?

T auditioning and filming process for AGT has been everything and nothing like I could have ever imagined, and I am so grateful for this opportunity and experience. I still get butterflies just thinking about the interviews, cameras, stage, judges, and other contestants I have had the pleasure of encountering throughout this journey and I will never forget it. 

Did you get to meet any of the show’s hosts?  

My team and I got to personally meet and talk with Terry Cruz and his son, talk with the judges from the stage, and meet some of the shows producers who help bring AGT to life. It has been such an honor to meet with each one of them and hear feedback, advice, and compliments from them, as well. 

How will you continue to film the show during the pandemic?

In filming for the show during this pandemic, AGT is doing everything they can to ensure the show goes on. We have been training non stop for the next round in masks, and it has been quite the challenge to keep up with the adversity to our normal stamina routine and the high caliber and dangerous skills that we perform with masks on, but we are making it work just fine and are so excited to show the world what we have in store. Our next routine during the lie shows is going to blow everyone away. 

Any advice for a future cheerleader? 

The best advice I would give to a future cheerleader is always trust the process. There were be days where you just want to give up, but looking back, I wouldn’t have traded any hard practice, frustrating skill I could not get, or disappointing loss that I experienced throughout the past few years. I can only imagine what’s in store and this truly is the most authentic, unique, and amazing sport in the world.

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