1on1: Hello Sister dish about new reality show “Pop Through The Decades”!

How did you get cast on Pop Through The Decades?

Pop Through the Decades is an idea that we came up with after being exposed to many different genres and ages of music throughout our lives! Our parents have always encouraged us to learn about music through the ages and we love it! In fact, some of the first songs we picked up as a band was from the 80’s!! We all agreed that exploring pop culture was an amazing topic that we were excited to persue. Our family announced the idea to tv producers and our manager and they thought it was a great idea! After lots of preparation, we drove to Nashville and were ready to film! This show was so AWESOME to be able to shoot and we were so thankful for the opportunity and cant wait to share.

What’s it like to film a reality tv show?

Filming our tv show was an experience like no other! It was so fun that we got to share our love of music on film and with each other. Our show reflected our real passion for music, so we didn’t have to act! Filming was scary but also so exciting at the same time! We have filmed music videos many times before but this was totally different. We loved meeting all the different people we got to work with and filming
in multiple places which made it fun to travel and explore! Although it was a little nerve raking to think that WE were filming a tv show, we remembered to give it all that we got and have fun! It is definitely an experience we will never forget.

What was your fav part about filming the show?

Our fav part about filming the show was being able to share our love for music on film and meeting some amazing people and learning about songs from the past and the history behind them. We also enjoyed learning choreo for the first time, learning our song and performing it!!! We would definitely want to do it again!!!

How was it to have cameras follow u around during the music making process?

When cameras followed us around during the process it made us a little scared and nervous but it was also SO COOL! It was a little weird at first, but later we got used to it and remembered to have fun. We also were familiar with it because when we film music videos it’s not that different. Also, when you have 3 sisters everything is easier because we have each other.

Are there plans for future episodes?

YES! Pop through the decades is currently being pitched to many tv networks and we are excited to hear what they have to say. Time to learn more songs, hello sister style!