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DISNEY FAM JAM – (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless) RASSI FAMILY

How was the audition process for Disney’s Fam jam?

The audition process for Fam Jam was long (6 months) but so much fun! We learned so much more about each other as a family and laughed a lot while going through old family videos and photo’s. We did a lot of phone and Skype interviews as well. We are so happy that we made the show, but even if we had not made it, the process would have been totally worth it. Everyone at Disney was amazing!

Can you tell us a little bit about filming with your family!

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived in LA. We had several days of workshops and rehearsals before the final filming. We also practiced for hours back at our hotel. All of the other families were staying at the same hotel so we had to be careful not to let each other see each others dances. We did most of our practicing in our small hotel room in front of a small mirror. We only did our performance 2 times. Once at dress rehearsal and 1 time that was filmed in front of a live audience. The audience was super hype and cheered us on a lot. It was the best week of our lives!

How was it directing your family and getting to tell them what to do?

I am used to my mom handling everything behind the  scenes and my dad goofing around while dancing with me. I had no idea I was going to have to take the lead that week. Thank goodness I know my parents so well that I was able to help them the best I could. They each have a different way of learning but they did great! I had to do school work for 4 hours each day on set so my parents took the time to practice on their own out in the parking lot of the studio.

How excited were you when you won?

We were so excited when we won. I have won other competitions before but it was extra special to win with my mom & dad on stage with me. It was very emotional because we worked so hard. I was so proud of my parents for stepping out of their comfort zones and sharing this experience with me. After our episode aired, I received so many messages from other kids saying I was so lucky because their parents would have been too nervous to do the show.

How did you get cast on Kidz Bop?

I received the audition to participate in 1 Kidz Bop video in Times Square from my NY agent. I did 2 different audition tapes that needed to be sent in for their review. I found out on a Friday and we started filming on Monday. I love dancing anywhere but dancing in the middle of Times Square on a busy Monday was so exciting. I met some amazing friends there.

How did you find out you got the role?

After we filmed in Times Square in NY, I went home with my Mom. The next day we fly to LA for a dance convention/competition. While I was at the hotel pool with my mom, Kidz Bop called again and asked I would do 3 more videos in LA. The timing worked out perfect so we staying in LA for an extra week. We filmed those videos at The YouTube Space in LA. I still keep in touch with a lot of the kids I worked with that week. We had a blast on and off the set.

What was it like touring for Kidz Bop?

I never did an actual Kidz Bop tour. I would go to different cities to film a few Bidz Bop video. There are a separate group of kids who do the tour.

Where do you train for dance at?

I have been training at Rage Box Dance Center in MD since I was 6 years old. I also train with a few different dance conventions through the country. When I am in CA, I love to go to Playground LA and Millennium Dance Complex. These days, most of my training is online at home. It is not the ideal way to train but I am thankful to still be able to dance during these difficult times. Some of my favorite choreograghers are teaching via Zoom so and can still train 4-5 times each week.

What made you want to become a dancer?

My Dad loves music and has always danced around the house. Music is on in our house everyday…especially in the kitchen. When I was 2 years old, I started mimicking my dad’s dance moves. Next thing you know…we starting battling each other. I have always had a passion for music and how it makes me feel so dancing came naturally to me.

Any advice for someone who wants to become a dancer?

Follow your dreams and do what makes you happy! I used to play baseball and basketball but would also end up dancing on the baseball field or basketball court. As a boy, I definitely got made fun of and was told that dancing was not a sport. I am thankful that I could alway talk to my parents about this and they have supported my dream. I can honestly say that I am very strong mentally and physically because of dancing. Now that I am 13, I am very confident and love to tell stories through dance. I hope to share that with other boys who want to pursuit dancing as well.

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