1on1: Jennifer Michele



This changes often, I like Bazzi  Star, and from a movie I love a Million Dreams from the Greatest Showmen.


In Music I am in a Bazzi phase, but I like all kinds of Music. I really like James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, and Baz Luhrmann , and Patty Jenkins as Directors. I would love to work with them. 


This is difficult…The alchemist.


Ughh this is always changing, Avatar, Inception, Titanic, the Great Gatsby, the Truman Show.

TV Show:

Stranger Things, His dark materials, Money Heist

How did you get started in acting?

 I Always had a love for performing, I used to do it as a Young Child! I would make plays up ,that I would make my parents watch. So then I went to acting classes to practice and learn more about Acting. I just  kept trying, even though I got rejected , and then started booking commercials, Tv shows and Movies little by little . I always just kept trying my hardest to be the best I could be ! I loved acting so much !! I think one day I would love to direct as well. I love every aspect of making movies. I feel most myself when I’m creating a character and making Art.

What was the first ever job that you booked? 

I started booking Commercials young. It’s hard to remember but I remember the first time I believed in myself . I believe I was 11or 12 and I booked a Job that I thought I wouldn’t be able to. I worked hours and hours on it. Then when I got booked , I started to discover that maybe people would enjoy watching me act. It was a nice and surreal feeling.

How did you get your first agent and manager? 

I was discovered after a performance that I did, they really liked the way I acted. We had a meeting and ended up working together.

What was the audition process like for 9-1-1?

Well funny enough it was a same day audition. So I didn’t have much time to prepare. So I went home and got dressed, learned my lines ,and studied the whole way in the car. I worked as hard and as fast as I could. When I stepped into the audition there were a ton of girls there, and so I tried to calm my thoughts and just focus. I really wanted the Job. I went and did the audition and I got notified the same day I would have a callback. I was so  excited because I am such a big fan of Angela Bassett. I went in a day later and did the callback and found out the day after that I was booked. I remember my family and friends and agent were really excited for me. Afterwards I went out to eat with my best friend to Celebrate.

Tell us about your time on set for 9-1-1?

It was one of the best times I have ever had on set ! I enjoyed the transformation I got to have with the  blood and scars that my character got to have, because she was so abused. I Really enjoyed working with everyone on the set, but mostly I enjoyed working with Angela. She was so inspiring and I was watching her act thinking she was so fierce. She didn’t know but I had been being teased about my looks just days before. Plus I had a ton of scars on me, and my teeth were blackened and cuts put on me, and she said ” even under all that makeup I could tell you’re beautiful.” That really boosted my confidence .Then she shared cake with me in her trailer, and told me she thought I could be successful. Coming from her it meant a lot to me, because I admire her work.

What was it like playing Young Kassandra on the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey video game?

I met one of my favorite mentors ever on that set ! It was amazing. I thought the Set was so big, and the action was so epic, I really enjoyed it !

Anything you can tell us about the movie you’re filming now?

Yes! I Just finished Filming ! I really enjoyed playing Ella. She’s a girl that goes on a big Journey and discovers her voice, and gets past losing people she loves. Ella is a big city girl that has to move out to the country because her mom passed away. She meets a Kangaroo named Joey, and a lot of cool stuff happens with her and Joey. There’s some Criminals in the film and Some action, and Ella likes a boy in the film. It was a really fun and exciting role to play. I hope people will like Ella. I thought she was fun, brave, silly and endearing. 

Any advice for other young teens who want to get into the business?

I would say really figure out what it is you want to do. Be specific the more you know what you want, the easier it will be for you. Then work on taking steps to get you where you want to be. Also work hard !

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