1on1: Lukas Rossi

How did you get started in music? 

My mother used to play a lot of Lionel Richie and dance around the house .She was always playing music and my brother would blast Billy Idol all day so I guess I got the Itch for music at a pretty early age, around 9 years old.

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Bored in a house

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What was your inspiration for Summertime? 

I’ve been doing rock music my whole career but a few years ago I found that most of my music had a certain tone and mood to it which was of the melancholic and darker side, and I don’t feel dark all the time.  I don’t think any of us stay in one mood permanently. I decided I wanted to write a record that shows a different side of me, fun, spirited and not taking myself too seriously. This record was one of the most challenging experiences as a producer and artist .I wanted to stretch myself beyond my wheelhouse and let my guard down and explore the feel good side of me . This record in a nutshell is kind of a walk-through story of when I was a kid to who I am today. The good,the bad and the ugly. 


How did you get all of those big names in your music video? 

I was wondering that myself LOL * just kidding 🙂

I was thinking about that a couple of weeks ago before we started editing the summertime video and it really brought me to tears.  It was very emotional. Everyone involved in the video has been a part of my life and has inspired, guided and truly have blessed my life with their friendship and love . I never ask anything from my friends but I figured this could be so fun  I just wanted us all to feel normal and happy again, as u know this pandemic really did a number on the world unfortunately.  But yeah ,I just wanted the video to feel like we were all hanging out at the same time ,enjoying each other’s company but from different parts of the world, like the worlds biggest zoom call. I truly love and respect everyone who is involved in it. I’m absolutely honored to share this moment of my life with them all. 

What was it like making the music video? 

Making the video was the most fun I’ve ever had making any video I’ve done in the past because it involved so many amazing wonderful souls. Now anytime I’m feeling a little down, I know that I can watch this video and smile and be reminded that each and every single person in this video is the reason for that smile.

Any upcoming projects we should know about?

I play my acoustic shows via www.stageit.com every couple of weeks which has been AMAZING :). I’ve met so many awesome people via the stream.