Alexis Marrero collabs with Dance Moms star to make latest music video!

Alexis Marrero who back in June was featured in our 1on1 section has released her latest music video and we’re obsessed!

Alexis collabed with Sarah Hunt from Dance Moms to make this awe-inspiring music video “For You”. In the video, Sarah dances to a specially choreographed piece.

Alexis spoke exclusively to about her latest music video.

What was your inspiration behind making the music video?

 My producer, Andrew Lane, and I wanted to create something to symbolize the strength and beauty of fighting to protect the lives of those who need it. Often times, the arts speak more volumes than words can and combining music and dance was a combination that could convey the power of the message of the song. We wanted to show the beauty of the message of coming together to stand up for what’s right and what’s more beautiful than a sunset on the beach! 

How did you make the video during quarantine? 

We filmed the video once things started to open up in Ohio and we tried to distance ourselves from other people at the beach to continue practicing social distancing. 

How did you cast Sarah from Dance Moms in the video? My choreographer, Natalie Minns, is friends with Sarah and met through dance classes. Natalie texted Sarah one day and asked if she’d want to dance at one of my Instagram Live concerts and she said yes and even brought her friend Jonna to dance with her and Natalie! We wanted to do another collab and I asked if the dancers would want to be in the video and they said yes! 

How did you cast Sarah from Dance Moms in the video?

It was so much fun working with Sarah! I love working with her and really admire her talent and passion to the sport! Sarah is such a sweet person and I’m so glad I get to call her a friend now and hope to work with her again soon!
Any projects coming up you would like us to mention? As of right now, we don’t have any official plans for projects but we may have another song release by the end of the summer so stay tuned!