1on1: Ashley Marina



 lovely – Billie Eilish, Khalid


 Billie Eilish


The Baby-Sitters Club  


 Jumanji: The Next Level

TV Show: 

Grey’s Anatomy

How did you get started singing?  

It was really just something I started doing naturally for fun when I was younger. Then when I was 7 I entered a pageant and sang for my talent and won 1st place! I started practicing more seriously after that.

What was the first song you ever recorded? 

Making My Way Home when I was 10. It is available on streaming services and the video on my YouTube channel @IamAshleyMarina. Check it out!

What was the audition process like for America’s Got Talent? 

Well a few years ago I won a competition called TalentWatch ‘Ohio Dream Night’ in Toledo, OH and that gave me the opportunity to audition for AGT in Cleveland, OH when they came there for open calls. AGT kept in contact with me since then and this year I made it onto the show!

What was it like taping the show? 

It felt like a dream and didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t lol!

What was going through your mind when Simon Cowell made you sing 3 times?

I wasn’t really scared, I was more like “uh-oh what am I going to do?”. It was really stressful because I wasn’t expecting that to happen and only had a short period of time to figure out coming back with something else.

Did you get to meet any of the Judges from the show? 

Yes! I met all of them afterwards except Heidi Klum because she was sick that day 🙁 

What inspired you to write “You’ll Always Be My Hero”? 

It’s kind of funny because it actually started with my mother having a dream about Spider-Man and I wrote the word Hero down. When it started to evolve, it became about that special Hero person in your life whether it’s your mother, father, or anyone and then eventually my father.

What was it like to have You’ll Always Be My Hero reach #1 on Fab Chart? 

AMAZING! It is so cool to see people enjoying the song and my music.

Any future projects we should know about? 

Well I recently released a new original song called “Trust Somebody” which is an anti-bullying/cyberbullying song. It is available on streaming services and the video on my YouTube channel @IamAshleyMarina. I am also working on a some new original songs but I am waiting to see if I will have the opportunity to perform them on the show. Please follow me @IamAshleyMarina