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How did you get started on social media?

It all started from an app called musically which is Tik Tok now. But my friends had it so I downloaded it and it just all went from there!

How do you come up with ideas for content for your instagram?

I’m always brainstorming random funny videos or pranks or I’ll see something from like maybe a movie or something and I just take it and put my own spin On it!

How do you make a prank video?

Lol here Is some advice! always go for your grandma when you prank! It works every time and grandma reactions are the best! 

What got you into singing?

When I first stared social meaduaba followe made up a song about me in her ukulele and something triggered me about it so much that that’s when I new I wanted to start. The song she made me is actually in the very beginning of my very first song I made when I was 10.

What was it like when you recorded your first ever song?

It was fun but I was nervous it was a experience for sure. I’ve came a very long way since then lol. I actually deleted it off my YouTube channel because kids at my school at the time would play it full blast and taunt me even up until I left school last year. ( I was still learning how to have a following and put up with bully’s at school) But of course it’s still somewhere on the internet. 

What was it like to work with Olivia Olivarez (Ashley Soto’s daughter) for your music video?

She was actually in two of my videos. First a cover of chapstick but “say it” was probably my favorite one. We shot that video for 9 straight hours and it came out amazing. Then the artist even reacted to it so it was pretty dope.


Any advice for those who want to become an influencer or a singer?

Never give up, never rely on anyone but yourself to get done what you in vision for yourself and always appreciate every single piece of support you get never take that for granted. 


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