1on1: Hello Sister


Favorite Color?

Grace: Light Pink, Orange and Gold

Gabriella: Light Blue

Scarlett: Yellow 

Favorite Movie?

We love victorious, Psych, Lost in space and disney channel and nickelodeon shows.

Favorite Book?

Braced, The Front Desk, All the way down, The Prince and The Dress Maker and After.

Favorite Restaurant?

WE love hibachi!! seeing the people cook in front of you is so fun! 

Favorite Sport?

All girls participate in competitive swimming and have made top ten in their state for track/cross country. 

Describe the process of writing your own music?

It depends on the song but usually someone comes up with the melody or a catchy hook that we can’t stop humming. Dad helps with the structure of the songs. We all work together to get the chords and lyrics just right. It’s usually very noisy with people running to add instruments in with tons of ideas flying. It’s a fun creative process that is always changing as we get older and are inspired by the great music around us.

What inspired each of you to get into music?

First of all, our Dad was in a band so he would sing around the house all the time and we were loved and influenced by music. Grace  loved singing at a young age and also played the piano all the time and started to write little songs. Scarlett loved to bang on stuff which was perfect for a drum player! When Scarlett was around 4 she received an electric drum set and loved it so much and banged on it way too hard so it ended up breaking. Gabriella was given a guitar at the age of 6 and she loved playing it so much. At the beginning, she would complain about fingers hurting from playing. Our dad would always tell her the story about Bryan Adam’s line in the song Summer of 69, “played it till my fingers bleed” and it would make Gab laugh and motivated. Grace started the bass once we decided we wanted to form the band. She loved it as well. We are all sisters a year apart and are currently in middle school together 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Scarlett (the youngest) plays the drums , Gabriella plays the guitar and Grace the eldest is lead singer, Bass and Keys. We write our own music and love playing together!We got our start playing different instruments by ourselves and one day our teacher was retiring and wanted all of us to perform for a party. We decided to play together and sing her favorite song! This was the official start of Hello Sister.

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What was the first song you ever recorded?

Our first first Song we wrote and recorded was called Now or Never when Grace was in 6th, Gab in 5th, and Scarlett in 4th grade.

Describe the process of recording a song  in the studio?

In the studio we start with a team meeting to get the plan for the song. Grace usually starts off with singing the lead vocal with her shoes off and lots of water!  Sometimes our dad will turn off the lights in the studio and light a candle as well for all of us to feel the music. We come up with ideas for the songs while we are listening and decide the best places for the harmonies and we all sing together. Getting all the instruments right takes a long time so we all encourage each other for all the takes. We eat a lot of snacks, play games and film each other doing silly stuff. Scarlett starts off every recording session as she walks in the booth energized and sings to us saying  “CAN U HEAR MEEE?”, and repeats it!! It’s becoming a tradition now! Gabriella always loves to add cool guitar solos and builds to the songs in the studio. We have a lot of fun recording  and always love to hear what we have created after the mixing process.

What future songs do you have coming up?

We recently recorded songs in Nashville and are working on the music videos currently. we have a blast recording the songs and shooting the videos and are excited to share them!!

What inspired you to make Kids in an Adult World?

Sometimes with when we see things happening in the world around us it seems like kids are forced to grow up quickly and we wanted to make a song that was fun and remind kids to be kids!

What was it like working with Matt Sato?

Matt was incredibly fun enthusiastic and creative. Would love to work with him again anytime!

What was your favorite part about visiting Hollywood?

We enjoyed seeing the Hollywood sign, checking out all the sights like where the Oscars are held and Paramount studios. We loved meeting all new people and the overall  creative vibe of LA.

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