1on1: Bria Singleton

5 Fast Facts:

  1. Favorite Place to Eat? The Counter 
  2. Favorite Color? Light Blue
  3. Where were you born? Long Beach, CA
  4. Favorite book? Brown Girl Dreaming
  5. Favorite movie? End Game

What made you want to get into acting?

I didn’t really decide on my own. My mom knew someone who had friend who was a manager and the manager wanted to represent my twin Brooke and I. 

How did you get your first agent and Manager?

I was 8 months old when I signed with a manager.

What was your first ever acting job?

My first acting job was a McDonalds commercial.

What’s it like having your sister in the working in the same industry as you?

It is fun having my sister work with me. I have a best friend and someone who can help me go over my lines before an audition. 

What was the casting process like for the role you played on Fresh off the Boat?

The casting process was pretty standard. I went in to audition, then casting called to pin me (which means they really like you and are making final decisions), then they told my agent and manager I booked the role. My manager called my mom to tell her I booked the role and then my mom recorded me when she told me I booked and I screamed! It’s always exciting when you book a role.

Tell us about your experience on your first day on set?

My experience on set the first day was really fun. I have a friend named Trevor Larcom had a big recurring role on the show, so it was fun working with him.  I also met some new friends who were in the scenes with me. The cast and crew were very friendly. 

Bria in the booth recording her voiceover for The Loud House.

What was the casting process like for your VO role on The Loud House?

My voiceover agent sent over an audition for me to record my voice for the The Loud House. She sent in the recording, then Nickelodeon had me come in to ca producers session, then after a few weeks, they told me I booked the role of Camille. She is such a cute character. I love Nickelodeon animation!

What’s the typical schedule for you when you go in for a VO job?

When I go in to work on a voiceover, I attend school first If it’s during the school year. After school we have lunch and then we record.