1on1: Savannah Lathem

Fast Facts:

Song: As of right now my favorite song is I love Me by Demi Lovato
Artist: Lady Gaga
Movie: The Sandlot
TV Show: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Restaurant: Anything Mexican or Italian!

How did you get started in the music industry?

It is a crazy story! I was working on set as an Actress in the feature film Hell On The Border starring David Gyasi, Ron Perlman, and Frank Grillo. I had shared with the Producer how much I loved the ScreenpIay Hell On The Border. We started talking about my passion for writing music and lyrics and I shared with him that I was a “closet singer-songwriter” and had written over thirty songs. Then he asked me to write a song for the movie. He would pitch it to the Director if he liked the song, and they would pitch it to Lionsgate. The Producer & Director loved Gonna Make A Change! The Director and Lionsgate placed it in the film.

What’s the first song you ever recorded?

My first recording was Gonna Make A Change which is an original I wrote based on the life of Bass Reeves. I was inspired to write a song for Hell On The Border starring David Gyasi as Bass Reeves. Gonna Make A Change is a song about never giving up on your dreams. Bass Reeves was judged by the color of his skin rather than being recognized as an expert shooter. He persevered to become the first US African American Marshal in spite of what others thought about him. He never gave up on his dreams.


What was it like going into the studio for the first time ever?

The challenge was definitely on. I had less than two weeks to write a song and two weeks to record it. I had no idea who to use to help me record my song, I reached out to an acquaintance I met several years ago who used to manage Prince in the past and many other famous Artist. He recommended a Music Producer but warned me that if he did not like my voice or song it would be difficult for me to get my song recorded. I was used to rejection in the acting industry being second choice to so many projects. I told him I respectfully understood the process. I met with the Producer. He loved my vocals, music, and lyrics and said he would not change anything. I just about fell on the floor in shock. I worked hard to meet the deadline and lay my vocals and
the Producer was a blast to work with. The Director of Hell On The Border sent the contract for me to sign on my Birthday for Gonna Make A Change to be placed in the movie! They had no idea it was my Birthday. God is good! It was a dream come true because I wanted to write for TV & Film not realizing when I accepted an acting role It would open the door to a dream come true for me to write a song based on a true story of the legendary Bass Reeves for a feature film.

What was it like working Hell on the Border?

It was such a cool vibe. Everyone was so friendly but professional. It felt like family. We filmed at Tannehill State Park about three miles from my parent’s home in Birmingham. David Gyasi is an amazing actor. I feel like I became a better actress just watching him. I learned so much. He is amazing.

What inspired you to make your new song Stand Together Now?

I wrote Stand Together Now while in quarantine away from my family and friends during the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I wrote Stand Together Now as a way to vent my own feelings on paper about the shocking deadly virus that was sweeping across the world. Stand Together Now is a song about spreading hope and love to fight this Pandemic and find a way to shut it down.

What was your inspiration behind the music video?

I wanted to portray a worldwide depiction of different countries and nationalities being affected by COVID-19. I wanted the music video to be real but resulting in optimism. I wanted families shown coming together but staying safe by using social distancing to go out for essentials, people shown in the hospital recovering, the importance of wearing mask to prevent the spread of respiratory infections, depictions of elderly people and children standing together in love to fight COVID-19.

Any advice for those going through a sad time right now due to the pandemic?

My advice is to remain positive knowing this Pandemic will end just like other viruses like the Plague have in the past. There are so many great Nations and such advanced technology in science that we will find a way to stop it.

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